The Apocrypha

Though the Apocryphal books are not part of the original Christian Canon, they do appear in the Catholic Bible.  Therefore, I thought it would be fair to include them here.  But since many of them are fictional stories, not actual letters or events, most of what I'll have on them will probably be background information.  So for now, those in bold and underlined have studies, those without, do not.  Please feel free to click on anything you see below.

Tobit   Bel and the Dragon
Judith   1 Maccabees
Esther (Greek Additional Chapters)   2 Maccabees
The Wisdom of Solomon   1 Esdras
Sirach   The Prayer of Manasseh
Baruch   Psalm 151
The Letter of Jeremiah   3 Maccabees
The Prayer of Azariah   2 Esdras
Susanna   4 Maccabees



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