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Ground Work



Maybe you're like me (or maybe you're not), but at one time, I wanted to do a daily devotional, but everything I'd found seemed to be either too basic or just not enough in-depth for me, you know what I mean?  So I decided to look through my files at home for something that would help fill this need.  Then, I came across these forms, one of which I call "Ground Work", which was given to me as part of an extra credit project for one of my seminary classes, the other, "Hang Time", which I altered from one of my seminary texts.  After looking over them, I decided I'd type them up and post them on here, too, figuring that some of you may be longing for something more in depth, also.

"Ground Work" forces you to go deeper into the scriptures, dissecting them as you would in biology.   You'll start off with a section to summarize the chapter, giving it a title (what you would call it), cross-referencing, problems or misunderstandings that you found in the passage, additional notes, and personal application.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself filling in several parts of the study at a time or out of order.  Like I said, it's a little deeper, and may involve multi-tasking or bouncing around.  But when you're done, you'll realize how much deeper you've dug into the scriptures, versus if you you had just read them.

"Hang-Time" is a journal-based study.  It gives you a place for the date and scripture passage, but is more for the person who wants to read it straight through, then write their thoughts on what they just read.


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