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A Shrinking Date for Eve (Carl Wieland) Did Dinosaurs Co-Exist With Humans?
Can We Really All Be Related? (Matt Crenson) Does God Exist? (an email to a friend)
Deciphering the Passion Movie (Scot McKnight) How Do We Know God Exists?
Dinosaurs Explained? (Ham, Sarfati, Wieland) How Do We Know Which God Is Real?
Do We All Have A Common Original Mom? (AIG)

How Do You Explain Pre-Christian Religions That Are Similar to it?

Evidence of the Flood (AIG) I Don't Know If I Believe In God…
Were Hobbits Real? (Prof. Marvin L. Lubenow) Is 666 Nero?
  Is Everybody Created Equal?
  Is God Good or Bad?
  Tolerance Open-Minded in the World?
  Who's More Closed-Minded?









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