This topic displays the many elements that make up the Church

Those in italics (and with names after them) are from my own personal notes from an Ecclesiology Convention at Wheaton College, IL, 2004.


Church Holiness    
21st Century Black Church      
Ancient Church (Alan Verhey)      
Assembly Is Required    
Black Churches In the U.S.      
Body of Christ
Can the Church Sin? (Handout) Hospitality    
Christian Community      
Church and God's Perfection (John Webster)      
The Church as God's Billboard      
Church and State (article) Justice
Church and the Eucharist (Healy)  
Church In Motion  
Church is not optional      
Church Management Systems Leadership    
Crucial In the Church Pastor Andy G's Thoughts on Paul's Leadership Methods
Cult of Desire (Willie James Jennings) Leadership Profile, Credentials and Job Description" (1 Corinthians, Paper)
Danger of Inclusiveness  
Denominational Differences Meals
Doing Church Communion (in brief)    
Early Christian Fathers (Paper)      
Ecclesiology (Stanley J. Grenz)      
Ethnic Diversity Miracles / Spiritual Gifts    
Historical Progression Of Church Services Healing Service Example    
Light Of the World Modes of Thinking    
Marks of the Church      
Marks of the Church (Moltmann) Prayer    
Purpose Driven (Jonathan R. Wilson)

Quotes On Worship Sabbath
Representing (blog)
Roman Catholics vs Protestants      
Scholars' Definitions of Church      
Signs and Symbols Sacraments    
Social Sources of Denominations      
Space of the Church (William Dyrness)      
Structure of the Church      
The Church as Sacramental (Gary Badcock) Saints    
The Law's Place in the Life of God’s People      
The Social Church (Ellen Charry)      
Visible and Invisible (Research)      
What Does the Church DO? Servanthood    
What is Church?      
What is Church (2)?      
Who Needs Church?
Witness and Analysis Spiritual Warfare    

The Bible Stewardship    
4 Parts of a Letter      
Determining the Right Reading      
How To Study the Bible      
Introduction to Textual Criticism      
Scripture and Proclamation      
The Meaning of Meaning      
A Sense of Calling (article)      
Calling of the Disciples      
Trusting God's Instruction      
Church Discipline      
According to Paul (H.E. Barefoot)      
Invasion of Privacy? (Lynn Buzzard, Christianity Today, Nov. 1984)      

The Call to Discipleship (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)      
Commencement Address      









A Praying Church

Sacraments As the Church's Identification

Sacraments (in brief)

Problems in the Papacy

Koinonia of the Holy Spirit Holy Ghost

Church and Sacraments

Church as Sacrament

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