Some of these links are friends’ pages, some are good resources that I enjoy visiting for the sake of research, and some are sites that I subscribe to on Twitter and/or Facebook, but for all of them, if I didn’t at least mostly agree with them, they wouldn’t be on here. So please have a look, and know these are not sponsored sites, but simply places I enjoy and wanted to share with you:


 Christian  Audio/Video Clips

Answers In Genesis Pastor Bob Beeman’s Sanctuary
Apologetics 315 God Tube Biblical Learning Blog Moody Jesus Creed
Apologetics Press One Minute Apologist John Maxwell Leadership
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM)   The Next Chapter of Your Life
Christian Apologetics UK   The Real Issue
Cold and Lonely Truth   Religion News Blog
Confident Christianity
  Women of Faith
Faith Ascent Ministries   God’s Word Online
(Faith Equation (Mathematical Evidence of Christianity)    Answer the Call
Intelligent Design (Science-Based)    
Josh McDowell    
Lee Strobel’s Homepage    
Please Convince Me (Christian Detective-Apologist)    
The Poached Egg    
Reasons to Believe (Where Science and Faith Converge)    
Sean McDowell    
Stand To Reason (Apologetics, Philosophy)    
Christian Hard Rock/Metal Christian Music (other) Missions Ministries
Brian “Head” Welch Kirk Franklin Compassion International
Disciple Kutless Hookers for Jesus
First Heavy Metal Church of Christ Switchfoot International Christian Concern
Metal For Jesus Metal Bible
Pillar   Voice of the Martyrs
Project 86    
Solid State Records    

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