Pastor Andy and R2D2Hi, I’m Pastor Andy G. Welcome to The Narrow Path 2 (.net).

What’s with the website’s name?

Well, in the past, I had pretty much always named my blogs “The Narrow Path”, because I try to keep my posts tight with the Scriptures, not the culture, which is often a narrow path to take. However, others seem to like that name also, which is why I opted for a “.net”. Now, why the “2”? Because originally, I had a “Thenarrowpath.net” website. The original plan was to use that site as my main blog, then this would be the resources site that I would link to, but I have since closed it down due to preferences in structure and usability (it has since been repaced by The Salty Trail).

What is The Narrow Path 2 all about?

Basically, it’s everything that I had originally stored in my file cabinet. See, for some time now, I’ve wanted to type up all my notes, Bible studies, seminary notes and resources, bibliographies, youth group lessons, sermons, self-written ministry resources, etc., even my audio and video, and put it all online to be accessible by others, free of charge. I also wanted to make it easily accessible for people of all levels of their journeys with Jesus Christ, whether a new Christian, seeker, just curious, church/ministry leader, small group leader, missionary, Pastor…you get the idea.

Please feel free to look around, browse, and dig in. If you should have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email me.

Come walk with me along the Narrow Path.

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