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Hi! Welcome to The Narrow Path 2 (.net)!

I’m still working on this, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

Use of the resources on this site:

I once heard in seminary that everything we come up with (in terms of youth lessons anyway) was written by God. Therefore, we don’t really have much right to claim them as our own or as something that somebody else cannot use. I would like to take that further and say that for the sake of growing disciples in the Body of Christ, I would prefer that you DO use the material which the Lord has produced through me and/or that I have used in my own ministries. So everything on this website is free to use. You may use it for your ministry, Bible study group, own listening or viewing pleasure, deepening your own personal walk with Jesus, or what have you. Although, you may NOT sell any of it (that should be a given, but you never know with some people), nor may you use any of it for your school papers (that should be a given also).

What’s with the “donate” option on the page?: This site is an extention of my ministry. In other words, I’m not making any money off of it (other than a few google ppc ads and ads from companies that I’m just trying to help promote). Also, some of the material that I have posted on here would normally cost you something to use, for instance, the confirmation curriculum (not yet posted). Yes, I do offer everything on here for free, but I would like to put it out there that if the Lord has put it on your heart and/or mind to donate something in comparison to what you would normally expect to pay (or maybe a little less) from a Christian book store or the like, then having the donate button will give you the opportunity to respond in obedience to Him. On that note, if the Lord tells you to donate something and you decide not to, then that’s between you and Him, and I’m sure He’ll deal with you as He sees fit.  ;).

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